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For the past 18 years, the ministry of The Call has filled stadiums with a message of prayer and fasting believing that America would turn back to Jesus. In 2011 the Lord spoke to the leaders of The Call through a group of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) missionaries that a shift was coming that would give birth to a new sending movement, as a beginning fulfillment to their years of prayer and fasting.

In 2016, at a stadium gathering in the LA Coliseum, the shift began as 70,000 people raised their shoes in response to a call to go anywhere for the gospel. This gathering, called Azusa Now, catalyzed a grassroots movement that began activating believers to evangelism and mobilizing missionaries all over the world.

In response to the momentum of Azusa Now, a collaboration of national ministries gathered together in Orlando, FL to seek the Lord. Believing that the grassroots momentum must become a national movement, each leader grabbed hands making a commitment to do whatever it would take to see the re-evangelization of America and the finishing of the Great Commission. THE SEND was born.


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Collaboration is best defined to us as “different gifts, equal sacrifice.” We believe the only way to see nation-wide impact is through uncommon collaboration. That’s why Circuit Riders, The Call, Youth With A Mission, Lifestyle Christianity, Christ For All Nations, Jesus Image, Dunamis Movement, and many others are uniting together to form THE SEND.